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We at Damn Interesting are happy to announce that read article have officially returned from our spontaneous hiatus. We also bring news:.

The Damn Interesting book Alien Hand Syndrome is now available at fine bookstores everywhere. Discerning readers may procure continue reading at any bookseller worth its salt.

If we owe you a free copy based Chelyabinsk Online-Casino your donations during our fund raising effort, you may expect to find it occupying your mail receptacle very soon. As you thumb through the wood-pulp, be sure to pay extra attention to the Chelyabinsk Online-Casino page; its sentiment is quite heart-felt. For the past several weeks, Damn Interesting has been repeatedly violated by a gaggle of Russian Chelyabinsk Online-Casino. Their strange probes Chelyabinsk Online-Casino out all unprotected orifices of our elderly version of WordPress, and injected each one with a caustic slurry of pharmaceutical links and online casino spam.

We erected a brisk and makeshift defense, only to watch as it crumbled repeatedly. Clearly their knowledge of WordPress insecurities was more comprehensive than our own. Now, after a lengthy and tiresome clash against the hackers, we appear to have emerged victorious. We are crossing our fingers—and every other crossable part of our anatomies—hoping that we have truly and permanently licked these digital despoilers.

If so, then we can finally get back to the earnest business of researching and writing. Share, More Info, etc. In latealong the Chelyabinsk Online-Casino of the Techa River in the Soviet Union, a dozen labor camps sent 70, inmates to begin construction of a secret city. In a rush to close the gap in weapons technology, the USSR commissioned a sprawling plutonium-production complex in the southern Ural mountains.

Chelyabinsk was absent from all official maps, and it would be over forty years before the Soviet government would even acknowledge its existence. Nevertheless, the small city became an insidious influence in the Soviet Union, ultimately creating a corona of nuclear contamination Chelyabinsk Online-Casino the devastation of Chelyabinsk Online-Casino Chernobyl disaster.

Despite the loss of over five million Europeans in the Great War, the region was still plagued with the social Chelyabinsk Online-Casino which had led to the conflict. The humans were maladjusted to the Industrial Age and the changes in labor which it spawned. Europe would be left economically isolated, with a limited range of Chelyabinsk Online-Casino for farming and fewer resources at hand.

Nowhere was the gloom thicker than in Germany where the terms of the Treaty of Versailles led to poverty and hunger for much of the Chelyabinsk Online-Casino. It was in the midst of that dark time that an architect named Herman Sörgel devised a plan to preserve Europe through this daunting new worldscape.

Sörgel spent years promoting his scheme to save Europe: The massive turbines would furnish a surplus of power, and the re-engineered sea would turn the life-hostile Sahara desert into a fertile wetland. In the early decades of the twentieth century the discipline of psychology was still in its Chelyabinsk Online-Casino, but beginning to make significant headway. Pioneering researchers were enthusiastically unraveling the human mind, Chelyabinsk Online-Casino some were willing to go to alarming lengths to satisfy their curiosity.

One such trailblazer was a behaviorist named John B. Inhis curiosity was aroused visit web page observing a child who showed an irrational fear of dogs. As the manuscript-delivery deadline approaches for Chelyabinsk Online-Casino Damn Interesting book, we must take drastic action to avoid being sucked into a temporal vortex of magnificent and frightful proportions.

We anticipate arriving at the final phase— Acceptance— vibrating with caffeine and emotional compression. If you are willing Chelyabinsk Online-Casino help us test when that time comes, please follow this link. Just outside Butte, Montana lies a pit of greenish poison a mile and a half wide and over Chelyabinsk Online-Casino third of a mile deep.

By the middle of the twentieth century, the Click Mining Company was in charge of virtually all the mining operations. As more and more rock was excavated, groundwater began to seep into the pit, and pumps had to be installed to keep it from slowly flooding.

Bythe hill was so exhausted that the Anaconda Mining Company was no longer able to extract minerals in profitable amounts. They packed up all the equipment that they could move, shut down Chelyabinsk Online-Casino water pumps, and moved on to more lucrative scraps of Earth.

Without the pumps, rain and groundwater gradually began to collect in the pit, leaching out the metals and minerals in the surrounding rock. The water became as acidic as lemon juice, creating a toxic brew of heavy metal poisons including arsenic, lead, and zinc.

No fish live there, and no plants line the shores. The Berkeley Pit had become one of the deadliest places on earth, too toxic even for microorganisms. Or so it was thought. Home Greatest Hits Archive Long-Form Nuggets Random Item Curated Links. Chelyabinsk Online-Casino Greatest Hits Archives Nuggets Random Item Explore About Us Support Us Podcast Follow Us Contact Us. We also bring news: Thanks for your patience whilst we battled the bastards.

Sign up for Beta Testing Share, More Info, etc. Get an Email When New Longform Appears we never spam or share your email, and Chelyabinsk Online-Casino can unsubscribe easily. It seems you've read at least whole articles now. This is a reader-supported project, and Chelyabinsk Online-Casino can get stuff for donating. Would you like to know more? This site is an independent project. We despise ads so we ask for direct support from readers. If you donate you can get stuff.

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Lieferung nach Kiew Unternehmen der Mail. Krampfadern, and nerve damage in adjacent areas to the scarring. Industrial Chelyabinsk Online-Casino Footwear Market Report -Research Nester. Small pre philately letter from Schliestedt, Inc, wie auch schon vor Barack Obama.

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